This party is not for the faint-hearted!

        With a generation who has an easy access to practically everything on their finger tips and are pretty much preoccupied with the World Wide Web, we felt there was a dire need to take them offline. Get them to do something simple as well as something daunting at the same time. Like having real conversation.
With the help of these parties we are getting them to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do – meet new people, chat with a stranger, and most importantly start building their own set of unforgettable experiences.

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What is Sip And Swap ?

Sip and Swap is a party where strangers exchange a book for a book over a cup of tea, coffee or a pint of beer and spend their day productively.

We will soon be launching art and poetry swap parties as well. Stay tuned!

How does this party work?

All you have to do is bring a book that you love and would want others to read it as well. Grab a chair and get ready for the pitch. Just like speed dating, you and the person sitting across on the table get 5 mins to pitch your respective books. If you find the pitch convincing and book interesting, you swap your book or you switch the chair and move to the next person with a new book. Keep doing this until you find the right book for you.

Do I get my book back?

As they say, “you win some, you lose some”

You might part ways with your book but we are certain you will have made a few friends too.

Also you can always stay in touch with your book partner and swap the book again.

Does my ticket include a drink or food?

Details of the same will be updated with every party details on our Facebook Event Page and the Website in the schedule section.

What happens after the party?

Let’s just say the Sip and Swap party doesn’t end. What’s after the party you ask? Well, the After party! Stay back and chill around with the new friends you’ve made or relax and read your new swapped book.
You can also meet other people from the Sip And Swap community on our Facebook group here.

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What people are saying

I attended Sip and Swap’s first party in Hyderabad, and I’m already looking forward to the next one. It was an unusual experience walking into a room full of people who felt passionately enough about books to keep their gadgets aside for over four hours! Definitely the place to be if you want to find book lovers who are like you… and possibly your next favourite read too

Akshaya Nandakumar

Being the introvert that I am, I was a wee bit skeptical about Sip and Swap, but it took a total of 5 minutes at the location for the hesitation to be wiped off!

Great place to meet like minded people and spend a nice afternoon discussing books, movies and shows with *real* people.

Hope to be attending the next event in Mumbai

Shreedhar Manek

Great initiative that ensures great fun. Much needed in today’s times.

Adhiraj BoseFilmmaker
Testimonial Ritika Thakkar Sip And Swap

Many books, many minds, book-lovers of various kinds… Some sing, some tell stories, one party, many glories.

I’ve met people from a plethora of backgrounds here. A must-visit for talkative (or not so talkative) heads with noses burried in books who wish to connect with others of their kind and hone their networking.

Ritika Thakkar
Host A Party

We work closely with you to help you set-up a Sip And Swap party at your location. You can drop your details to letstalk@sipandswapparty.com . Tell us why do you want to do this and we will take it from there.

Don’t miss the last seats here. Meet some interesting people. Buy the last seats!

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Priyesh Thakkar, organiser of the party, “Strangers meet and exchange books over coffee; I can’t think of anything more pleasant than that!”


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